:::::Old Pottis:::::
Herm in her skivvies
Done after I saw Ron's new do in HP3, like Herm I'm not quite sure what to think....;)
An alternate designs I came up with for Ginny.  Dunno which I like best...
Draco being hot.  Yum yum boy navel ;)
The Kissing scene.  I hate Cho..but damn if that scene didn't give me the warm wibbles!
Luna, Tonks and Cho
Uber kyoot and scruffy Harry, Ron and Hermione with a schexxay Cho thrown in fer good measure
Quidditch!Ron and Ginny, and scared Harry, a smung Fred and a dog-tag wearing Sirius
Harry and Sirius.  Harry is naked and I don't know why. heh.... *ahems*
Ginny, Harry and Cho: Poor Harry seems to have his hands full
4th years: Luna and Ginny
I molest Harry and Crookshanks gets pissed off!
Padma and Lavender
Prof. Trelawney reads some tea
Prof. Umbridge and her fave pen
The threstral is happy to see you!
Mad-Eye and Tonks
Dobby and Winky: Their love is SO cannon!
Madam Rosmerta...maybe... ;)
Ginny and Pig, everyone's fave weeny lil owlet
Cho, AGAIN!  Tired of her yet?
Ginny in dressrobes.  I was going  for a Go-Go Dancer look with this one
Ron and Herm in Dressrobes
Sketches of Fleur, Ginny, Cho and Hermione
Ron, Harry and Hermione.  Harry is a rebel without a cause you know.. ;)
Quick sketch of Creature being creepy
Quidditch!Ron and Studious!Hermione being cute ;)
Sirius, all half nekkid and stuff.  Played with it in Photoshop at bit too
SD Ginny, Pig, Ron, Hermione, and Harry ~ ain't they sweet?
Ron and Hermione in the snow.  Guess what my fave pairing is..go on..guess.. ;)